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Move Crew will move your entire home or office to simply moving a heavy appliance from a refrigerator to a washer and dryer. No move to big or small. Many times consumers will just need a few heavy items moved from a small room to their kitchen and laundry room appliances. Move Crew has filled that need for the consumer that wants heavy appliances moved but are OK with the lighter items to be moved. We welcome the chance to move washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, bar equipment, spas, play ground equipment from your back yard. We will take your heavy play set apart move it where you like and assemble it back like new. Move crew will take the heavy lifting out of your move. Stress free and very cheap. When it comes to appliance moving of any kind we are your moving company that will be treat you with respect and do the job in many cases much cheaper than our moving competition. Move Crew is by far the best priced mover for heavy appliance moving.

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