Customer Moving Guide


While we appreciate your service, to ensure the safety of our moving staff and customers, there are a number of restricted and dangerous items which are not allowed in our trucks.

The Hazardous Materials list includes items that are banned by federal law from being loaded or transported on our trucks for transport. The Irreplaceable Items list indicates items that you should strongly consider transporting by other means.

In either case, we are happy to load all these into your vehicle for you and unload them at the final destination.

Failure to comply with our list of restricted items can result in a termination of your moving contract.

Customer Moving Preparation

Remove Obstacles prior to mover arriving

Please bare in mind that at each stop we make, it is your responsibility to ensure your driveway and/or sidewalk have been cleared of obstacles.

Vehicles in the driveway, or parked very near the entrance to your driveway, may interfere with parking the truck.

In the winter, remove any snow from the driveway and sidewalks. This is for the safety of your belongings and for the safety of our Crew. It also minimizes the amount of snow being dragged into your home with each trip. While we are more than happy to shovel a sidewalk for you, keep in mind that the time we spend shoveling is still time that you are paying for

Properly Pack Items in Boxes

As a rule of thumb, the heavier the contents, the smaller the box should be! Instead of packing the largest box with the heaviest items, pack them in small boxes instead. Also, ensure that each box is closed properly and taped shut. This way you can be sure the boxes are able to support the weight and your movers can keep moving at full speed.

Label Each Box

Clearly label each box. This will save your time and your sanity because your Crew will be able to quickly move boxes to the correct spot without asking you for direction.

Elevator Usage During Move

For apartment and office buildings with multiple elevators, check with a building manager or maintenance personnel to find out if it is possible to reserve an elevator for your movers. If reserving an elevator is not possible, find out when there is the most elevator traffic and we will work with you to schedule your move around these busy times when possible.

Ensure Parking Accessibility During Move

If you are moving to or from a location with busy streets, reserve enough parking spaces as close to the entrance as possible.

Children and Pets

When possible, please arrange to have a babysitter or pet-sitter for the duration of your move. While we love kids and pets, the extra care required when moving with children or pets present may slow down the process and add time to your move.

The Law Prohibits Removal of Gas and Water Lines

By law, we cannot disconnect gas or water lines on stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators or any other appliances. Please have these disconnected in advance to prevent any delay during your move.

Restricted Items

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Household Batteries
  • Matches, Lighters, Aerosols, and Chemicals
  • All types of Fireworks
  • Pesticides and Poisons
  • Ammonia and Fertilizer
  • Paints and Paint Thinner
  • All Cleaning Products
  • Nail Polish and Remover
  • Solvents and Bleach
  • Propane Tanks and Gasoline
  • Car Batteries and Motor Oil
  • Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, and Kerosene Fuels

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