Frequently Asked Questions


Move Crew is proud to offer superior full service packing and moving to each and every customer. Don’t be discouraged if your desire is to save money, you can still take full advantage of our services while cutting a few costs in moving fees.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers. Reading the FAQ will save you time and money. Remember, the more steps you complete on your own, the more money and time you will save.

Most of the tasks included in the FAQ are services our Move Crew will be more than happy to carryout for you, unfortunately, some task we are not allowed to do by law or for company liability reasons.

What do I do with loose items?

We highly encourage you to Box ALL loose items. If our moving crew has to box loose items and load them onto the truck it increases the job time. Having all items prepackaged streamlines the moving process.

What if there are unwanted items?

Before the move highly recommend you discard, donate, or sell any unwanted items. Getting rid of unwanted items help to save much needed space on the truck for your other items while of course shortening the move time.

Does the company offer dissassembly reassembly services?

The Move Crew offers Dis-assembly/assembly services for your convenience. However, many larger items can be fairly complex to disassemble and reassemble which may add a substantial amount of time to the move. These items include complex bed frames (especially from IKEA), and exercise equipment that won’t fit through a doorway in one piece (larger treadmills and ellipticals (usually if it was assembled in the room it will need some level of disassembly to get it out). By disassembling these items prior to the move and putting them back together at the new location our Crew can focus on the moving. For liability reasons we are not able to reassemble cribs.

What is the proper way to package electronics?

Please have electronics (TVs, cable boxes, BluRay/DVD players, computers, video game consoles, etc.) disconnected prior to the move. Having TVs boxed up and ready to be moved will allow us to pack it on the truck more safely and quickly.

At this time, disconnecting and installing electronic systems is not included in our services due to the number and variety of different configurations of entertainment centers, TVs, computers and speaker setups.

While we will certainly help when we can, particularly in the case of coaxial cables or phone jacks that are inaccessible until furniture has been removed, it is best to disconnect more complicated systems yourself or have them serviced professionally. For liability reasons, our Crews are not allowed to reconnect any electronics.

Will the floor be protected during the move process?

We want each building we enter to be left in the same condition it was in when we entered it. Our Crews will lay down neoprene runners free of charge. Carpet shield ($15/50ft roll) and red rosin paper for hardwood floors ($15 per 50 ft roll or $0.50 per ft) are available for purchase the day of the move.

You can save time by having floor protection products already in place before our Crew arrives. Both carpet shield and red rosin paper (for hardwood floors) are available for purchase through our Pack Shop, or at many local home improvement store.

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